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"I like to move it"

- Reel 2 Real ft. The Mad Stuntman

Listen To Your Guts - MDL Stichting

Did you know your digestive system tells you a lot about your general health? Listen to your Guts! is what The MDL Stichting in The Netherlands wants to promote with their awareness campaign 2022. Check your Poo, Listen to your belly & Eat Plants. It was blast to animate and composite all these pretty visuals on the 'Band'-T-shirts.
ClientMaag Darm Lever StichtingAgencyIndie B.V.DirectorBoris BooijAnimations & CompositingBerend van Eerde





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I am a freelance
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who loves to dive in to a project that needs an expert.

Besides animating a good design I love to make everyones life easier by building automation tools for the Motion Design Industry.

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